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God Help Us

God Help Us

What’s in the book?

This is not a ‘Now and Then’ coffee table book.  It’s your manual to a successful life.  Work with that and I will help you as much as I can, for you already carry the power within you, and once you master the simple techniques, you will find that life can open up in a way you never before realised. Then you will then be free to make the advances and changes you hoped for, in all areas of your life.

You’ll appreciate life more, feel fulfilled by it, and find solutions to some of those problems which would otherwise have defeated you; for everyone has their own link to go directly to that incredibly powerful Source, God the Host of All Energies.

I will present everything to you in a clear and easily understood way, so that you realise the purpose of your life better, and I will show you how to have your own personal and fulfilling connection with God’s powerful loving energy, which will then help guide you each day of your life, allowing it to become richer, more ambitious (in whatever way you need) and more fulfilling.

In this book

• I will address the various doubts that people have about the existence of a Universal Creative Spirit Energy, known by many names, one of which is God.

• I will explain the value and purpose of God – the practical side to God’s existence and yours, as well as the emotional and mental strengthening that comes from that link.

• I will explain how the presence of the God Energy already affects your life every day.

• I will help you to understand how much the part that some religions and sects have played in their representation of God, has served as a wedge between you and God rather than bring you together.  Their constant vying for position as the best or preferred direction has served to only divide people and create barriers.

• I will help you to realise that often religion speaks more about the views and judgements of man (and woman) kind than about God.

• I will explain how God does not discriminate against any true representation of the Creator.  Male or female, colour or race, gay or straight, it is all immaterial in the representation of God, and yet they may still be discriminated against by their fellow men and women.

• I will help you to understand why you are here in this life.

• I will help you to understand how the God Energy will help you to achieve more in life.

• I will help you to realise your potential by explaining the simple steps and tools to working with the Energy every day.

• I will help you to realise what a powerful person you are, no matter where you are in life at the moment, and that your failures are just another lesson on that brave journey you’re taking.

• I will help you to step into your power and become an effective force that can help you, help others and ultimately help the world and God.

• I will help you to understand that when your life is in a better balance you will benefit physically and mentally too.

Further information on all of the items above are contained in the chapters within the book, these are:

Chapter One - Knowledge is Power

Chapter Two - Why You Need Belief

Chapter Three - Understanding the Meaning of God

Chapter Four - Angels, Elementals and Other Helpful Forces

Chapter Five - Evil

Chapter Six - Life’s Foundations

Chapter Seven - Life, Death and Life Again

Chapter Eight - Restoring Planet Earth

Chapter Nine - Conclusions

Following the main chapters there is a series of references and advice that will enable you to make your life richer and more empowering than you ever imagined possible, and this can grow day by day.

Section Two - A New Direction

Section Two, Chapter One - Learning to Communicate with God

Section Two, Chapter Two - Sensing the Difference

Section Two, Chapter Three - Learning to Forgive

Section Two, Chapter Four - Learning the Power of Colour

Section Two, Chapter Five - The Power of Words

Section Two, Chapter Six - Simply Decluttering

Section Two, Chapter Seven - Knowing and Healing You

This book is not yet available in the shops, but if you wish to show your interest please use the link below to do so. I will let you know when the publisher gives me a date. There is no obligation to buy either now or in the future, you are only expressing an interest.

Please let me know when the book is available. Thank you.