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Triumph Over A Label
Peter Ambrus

A personal insight into a life with Asperger’s

Kindle Edition Worldwide

Because of the very private nature of Asperger's sufferers it is a major struggle for them to overcome this hurdle. It is one thing to list impersonal medical facts that suit the technically minded reader, but to openly face and lay his own childhood dilemmas, problems and view of life takes both courage and determination. Over the months and years, Peter Ambrus scrapped and then re-wrote what he had written and then re-wrote it again. Finally he told me the book was finished. The result is moving and, I feel, should be read by everyone as that person you meet tomorrow, or sit beside on the train or bus may well be an 'Aspie'.It is a fascinating read, and Peter will forgive me when I say his absolute honesty makes you smile at times, whilst at others you may cringe with shame that you hadn't before realised the black and whiteness of a sufferer's life, when all you can see is colour. I have to say, Peter, that I feel that this book alone is a tremendous mission in your life, as it spreads an understanding which is needed in a world that is built for achievers, and often ignorant of personal struggles needed to achieve another level. This book should be available in libraries and schools as a reference manual of how hard life can sometimes be.

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