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Cheerful angels and fairies deliver
wisdom, healing energy and loving
guidance to help you rediscover passion and
joy in your life. You will find inspiration in the
dreamy artwork with empowering exercises, prayers and affirmations. The illustrated booklet provides deeper insights for restoring  mind/body/spirit balance. Includes 44 cards and 56 page illustrated booklet.

Pack cover illustration Sample of  some cards;;; (UK buyers)  Namaste (New York);

W H (UK buyers mainly); (Australia);  Book Depository (Worldwide); Fishpond Books (New Zealand); Mystic Dreamer (Norway);

Mystic Sisters (Florida); The Wonky Broomstick (Glastonbury UK); Mystic Tarot House Shop (Vietnam)

and many other bookstores worldwide.

Inspirational Wisdom Cards are available from:

Like my Woodland Wisdom Cards, these too have been published by US Games, but this time in conjunction with American Fantasy Artist, Judy Masterangelo.

Between the three of us we have upped the quality of the presentation of the deck; it has 44 cards, each with a message on it and also laminated for a longer life and professional feel. There is a guide booklet with it too which is also illustrated and has a fuller message for each card so that you can really go to town doing readings.

The guidance writings have been done by Frances, and approved by both Judy and the US Games board, so I think that they are really appropriate to the reader, and will help you, or the person you are reading for to get more out of your life.

These have just been released, but are available from Amazon, WH Smith, Waterstones and all other good bookshops.