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…so together we change the world.

Even more than that, many believe that ‘extraordinary’ only happens to others - not “little old me”.

I’m glad to say that I discovered that this wasn’t true, just as long as you are willing to step outside your comfort zone to discover it.

How do you change an ordinary life into an  extraordinary one? I think that is a question that many of us ask.

But then how do you classify ordinary and extraordinary, for that is going to be different for everyone?

The book targets those people who have found previous information, usually provided by various religions, about God, Jesus, eternal life and our place in the universe fragmented, lacking, or just plain unconvincing, and it aims at those who feel drained by inadequacies within their lives, and are searching for ways to transform them.

It differs from others as it actually ‘joins the dots’ between God, other godly and powerful ethereal beings, Jesus, elementals and angels, life in the spirit realms and Earth’s place within the solar system. All these are brought together to build an entire and clear picture of the life in which we find ourselves, and I am able to share this innovative knowledge through simplified writings from God, the Son of God and also Esquago, a being from another planet.

It is totally unique information that, through channelling, I have personally gathered over 17 years, Leading to thousands of handwritten pages of messages where God describes the ‘God Energy’, the beginning of both the planet Earth and mankind, aliens, eternal life, and the spirit realms as well as explaining the reasons for such conditions as Down’s syndrome. Jesus too speaks of himself, his role, as well as that of angels, elementals, Satan, Lucifer, and the Devil. Esquago also adds dimension and reason to a call for God, and peace within the planets.

By clearing old misinformation and some that, through history has been deliberately misleading, this book shows how life’s purpose can become clearer. In Section Two ‘A New Direction’ there is a simple step by step programme which I have used in my ‘Life Transforming’ Courses to empower, achieve and enrich the reader’s life so that they, and ultimately the world, benefits.

God Help Us

God Help Us

What's in the book?