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The "No Fuss" guide to the most powerful tool you possess. Many millions of ordinary people in crisis are looking for help and do not know how to get it. We are talking about ordinary people facing the difficulties that life can throw up on a daily basis. This book explains and demonstrates in simple language, how to pray, how to use prayer for yourself and for others and what to expect.

Prayer is something that many people only do when facing a severe personal crisis. However, prayer is something that can very effectively be done out with the confines of any church, and can make a difference to anyone's daily life. This book demonstrates that there is no mystique, need for special wording, or a working understanding of theology to be able to pray successfully. The use of prayer is simply you asking for help from a higher source than normal. You could almost liken it to asking a neighbour for a cup of sugar. OK, your prayer is probably somewhat more significant than asking for a cup of sugar, but the principle is the same. You needed a cup of sugar - you asked for it - you received it. You face a situation and need some serious help in a given situation - so you ask for it! And if your prayer is genuine and for a need (not a want), then just like the sugar, the help will be given to you. Just remember that help may not be given in the way you perhaps most expect, but it will be given. This book will guide you through the whole process of asking and receiving the help you need, and when you need it

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Easy Personal Development - 10 Simple Steps to Changing Your Life

Look at your strengths rather than your weaknesses. Strengths give you the power and wisdom to move on; weaknesses persuade you not to. The 10 main chapters will guide you through using the various tools we have within each of us to give ourselves a better and more controlled life. The chapters do not have to be read in any specific order (although front to back is better!), but you can refer back and remind yourself of methods that you may have forgotten to use regularly. All the guidance's given will work if you apply them with belief and regularity. There is no expense involved and you can do some of them on the bus, or in the office without being noticed. How cool is that?

What can be more important than a message from God? You may well ask why do we need any sort of communication with God anyway, as God just creates everything and leave it to you and I to do it? Well, No! The framework in your life includes a power base, and we can call that power base God. We have to work within certain guidelines within your personal programme, but we all have free will and the consequences of which can woo many people away from their programme with disastrous results. We use our brains a lot, but we forget about using our instincts and therefore often make poor and ill judged decisions. So at a time when people are totally unaware of what their senses tell them and are less willing to be led by their instincts, these messages are there to offer some guidance to help them to move forwards. These messages are not for me alone or a privileged few, they are there for all who are open minded enough to recognise that messages such as these did not just happen in ‘olden’ times, but are really happening today! And why wouldn't they! Humankind has lost the plot in so many ways and the simple cooling balm of God's Power can bring the space and wisdom that allows us to step back. And know that fulfilment will not happen until you have achieved some sort of balance in your lifestyle. When you realise this then you can refocus on the work needed to re balance your life and return to your senses. Once you learn to work with your instincts and to use the power and knowledge that is already stored in your soul, rather than your mind, life suddenly opens up and rewards you. Trust becomes a more acceptable reaction, instead of fear of the unknown

Woodland Wisdom Oracle Cards

A brilliantly sculptured deck of cards with inspiring and vibrant artwork, coupled with strong messages and descriptions that accompany them. A smaller deck than usual with only 29 cards but then divided into working cards and power cards, which are used independently of each other to make a complete reading. The Little White Book enclosed is a mine of information on not only the cards themselves, but also on the various ways that a successful reading can be achieved. Professional readers, as well as individuals find the guidance in them helpful and accurate.Well worth a look, especially if you are a fan of fairies and the woodland realms.