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The "No Fuss Guide" to the most powerful tool that you possess. Many millions of ordinary people in crisis are looking for help and do not know how to get it. We are talking about ordinary people facing the difficulties that life can throw up on a daily basis. This book explains and demonstrates in simple language, how to pray, how to use them for yourself and for others, and what to expect.

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Designed to enhance the lives of young people in a modern environment, this book is a simple, easy to understand 'No Fuss' guide to embracing the concept of God. It explains that He is an 'equal opportunities' God and that everyone has his power from birth, but that many choose not to tap into this energy for their own benefits. The book continues to demonstrate just how the reader can do this.

Many imagine that they know everything about God because it's a subject that invites discussion and sometimes controversy. You may say, “Ah, but I know about God and I pray to Him when I need help, or someone I know needs help” At least you are talking to God sometimes, but God is much more than that. In this book I will demonstrate just how God (by any name) is with you constantly, Use his power.


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With Jesus acting as her spiritual guide, Frances has been able to offer solid advice to people who are finding it difficult to  cope with their current life. In this book she gives the view of Jesus on the state of the world in which we life and offers sound advice on how we can change what we do. The book covers many subjects in which Jesus expresses his disapproval and points out many shortfalls to our overly materialistic lifestyles. A book to make you think.

There are many things that we are not aware of in the early years of Jesus’ life. The bible, as well as many other sources does not go into detail of the days immediately after his birth, nor the plight of Mary during this time. This small book goes into detail about some of the facts that are omitted, and although not intrinsically shocking, will be of interest to many.

Frances followed a very materialistic path until a personal crisis caused her to take a long look at her life. This book traces the changes in her life since the crisis, and her awakening spiritual development. She started a children’s aid charity including driving aid out to Eastern Europe after the Balkan’s war. She also started to develop an understanding of inner powers that enabled her to offer spiritual guidance and counselling to other experiencing difficulties. This has led to her working in the USA, Scandinavia, and throughout the UK.

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