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The Frances Munro Organisation helps people to realise that there are ways to help themselves get through life, other than ‘just surviving’. We cannot offer financial help, but we try and let people understand that there are ways they can help themselves move on from where they are.

These are tried and tested ways which work if you embrace them; each person will not necessarily need the same things as someone else.

We have helped thousands of people to become aware of another way of looking at life, and have helped them to move on successfully, not necessarily in wealth, but in life - and that’s important above all else.

No matter what your resources, you owe it to yourself to be the best you can be. Even if you don’t get all of the way there, life will be better for you than if you hadn’t tried at all and at least taken some of the steps.

Life is meant to be enjoyable, make it so!

The Frances Munro Organisation Mike and Frances Munro

Mike and Frances Munro have been the driving force behind this organisation for over 15 years.

We have done many things together, including actually driving and leading a convoy of 30 aid vehicles to Serbia in 1999, invited to run courses in Norway, Sweden and the USA, as well as the UK.

Our mission is to “press the buttons” that enables people to get themselves a better life, one where they feel fulfilled.

We will still get people to “press the button”, but we are stepping up a couple of gears and our courses will be more intense, more fulfilling.

Come and see us and join in the fun! It will be satisfying and rewarding.

In the past, we have held our own courses in Manchester (often), Harrogate (often), Bristol, Liverpool, Belper, Spalding, Birmingham, Craven Arms, York and Newcastle.

We are now living in Spain - right down near the bottom right hand corner, nearly as far away from the UK as you are able to go. But that isn’t the reason we came here! We were guided to come here by Frances’ guide and as we have listened to Him in the past, it would be remiss of us to ignore it now, even although it was a big step as we had never been to Spain before. Not even on holiday.

At first we were unsure as to why we came here, apart from the sunshine which was very nice. But it soon became apparent that Frances was here to write a book. An important book. And she needed the time and virtual isolation to be able to devote the time needed to get it right.

It is now completed and the manuscript has been sent off to the publishers. We hope that they will take it, but if not there are others that we will try. Rejection is not an option as the book is too important to be hidden away on a computer or in the archives gathering dust!

The book has been professionally proof read and ‘adjusted’ many times. We will let you know the outcome and where you will be able to get your own copy as soon as we know.

In the meantime, keep positive and ask for help even on the simple things. God works for us all!